Monday, October 14, 2013

Going Overboard?

ABC News' Mosheh Gains reports:
For the past three Halloweens, Donna Kerr has transformed the backyard of her Silver Spring, Md., home into a "haunted garden," complete with skeletons, witches, scarecrows and more.
This year, however, Kerr's neighbors are trying to take the trick out of her Halloween treat.
Kerr received a 37-page temporary restraining order last Friday which seeks to shut down her haunted house. The case, filed in the District Court of Maryland, names Montgomery County as the plaintiff. Kerr and her employer, Silver Spring-based Pure Energy Real Estate, are listed as defendants.
The neighbors in Kerr's neighborhood association say her haunted house, which also includes a cemetery in the backyard, creates a traffic and pedestrian safety hazard when thousands of visitors flock there each year. Kerr's "Haunted Garden" is open five nights in the month of October, from 7 to 10 p.m.
"I think it's a great event," Kerr told ABC News. "I don't think it's put any undue burden on the neighborhood.
"My neighbors across the street, they support it."
Kerr's fans in the neighborhood and beyond have swarmed her home in support, making protest signs to keep the garden open.
Kerr has hired an attorney and both parties will argue their case Tuesday in front of a Maryland District Court judge.
"People really love it," Kerr said, "and it's such a good time."

*** The photo above is Not Donna's home... But I have to wonder, what the hell is wrong with people? Can we NOT all just enjoy this holiday? Live and Let Live... Haters.

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  1. Some people are so bitter or angry inside that they have a tough time letting anyone else have any semblance of fun. Sad.