Friday, October 4, 2013

Jones SPOOKY Soda

Seattle is Home to the infamous Jones soda, normally found in the tall glass bottles with the weird or trendy pictures on the label. Jones is infamous for their weird flavors - "Turkey Dinner" and "Bacon" amongst the grossest.

The soda company even had a contract with Qwest Field (home to our Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders) for a short time and let me tell you how weird it was to order a "Cola" instead of a "Coke" at a Football or Soccer Game.

I digress...

This year (and every year) I find myself tempted to purchase the somewhat questionable flavors of Jones Soda found in the Halloween Aisle, and one year, I did purchase the Candy Corn stuff, but could never bring myself to drink it - so I gave it to the trick-or-treaters instead.

 So I beg the question - Would you be brave enough to try Candy Corn Soda?

What about Carmel Apple?

Red Licorice?

Blood Orange - now there's one I could handle... Tastes similar to Orange.

Either way I applaud you Jones Soda for breaking into doing something different even at the expense of my wimpy taste buds.


  1. I've tried their Thanksgiving editions (green bean casserole soda - EW!) and at least these sound tolerable!

  2. Gross!
    The Turkey Dinner flavored one tastes like a wax candle.

  3. Blood Orange is probably the only one I'd try!