Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monster High - Skelita Calaveras!

When I tell people that I'm in to Halloween toys, and stuff, their immediate reaction (if they're nerdy like me) is "are you into Monster High?" The answer in short is No... but allow me to elaborate.

There are very few Monster High Dolls that I find even remotely attractive, but I always (almost always) look in the aisles when I'm at Toys 'R Us.

Last time I went through - I found this one... and I have to say I want it.

I am hard pressed to spend $25 - $35 on a Barbie Doll type thing that will sit on my shelves, but I did put her on my Christmas List for my Hubby!

Look at her! She's basically a skeleton with the traditional Spanish Sugar Skull look which I happen to totally adore.

What are your thoughts on her?

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