Monday, August 18, 2014

Lemax Spookytown 2014!

Each year I drool over which one of these I want to take home... This year has not disappointed. I would love to drop $125 on the Coffin store one... but I will probably reign myself in and only spend $50 on either the Zombie Eatery, the Pet Bootique or the Deadman Cabin. But I know for sure I'll be picking up that "Black Cat Adoption" piece... too cute!

The Extras


The Casket factory
The "House boat"

I love this one too - Hemlock's Nursery

The Observatory Tower
EEK! Pet Bootique!

Bubble Bubble...

Zombie Eatery... Funny!

Sigh! I love this one!

This guy is busy digging a grave!

The "Day Scare"
Dead Man's Cabin!

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