Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I learned how to make tile coasters this year with pieces of paper, so I decided I needed to have a Halloween Set. Here's the product!

There's 6 of them! And they're SUPER easy to make... here's what you need!

- Bathroom tiles from Lowes - mine are 4x4 (they're actually 4 and a quarter I think) tiles gloss on the top.
- Also from Lowes - some clear coat spray paint - It acts like a sealer.
- A bottle of ModPodge - I use the Matte finish stuff.
- A Foam brush
- 4x4 squares of paper, or most often I use a vintage children's book I found at the thrift store to cut up into 4x4 pieces. These ones I printed off the internet and cut.
- Sticky felt pieces or felt circles.
- A brayer or a firm piece of plastic (I use an old drivers license)

Steps are as follows: 
1 - Take the foam brush and spread some ModPodge on the tile - don't be too heavy handed.
2- Lay down your 4x4 square of paper and press it down real firm. Then use the brayer or the piece of plastic to push out any bubbles moving from the center to the corners.
3- Brush on a second layer of ModPodge over the top of the paper, it will look cloudy white, dont' worry it dries clear. 
4 - Wait for the set to dry - then put on a second coat.
5- Once dry (for the second time) take the tiles to a well ventilated area (outside) and spray the clear coat on top to "seal" the coaster. I usually do to coats of this as well.
6- Once dry, I bring them inside and stick on the felt pads on the bottom of the tiles to prevent the tiles from damaging my table... and VOILA! Coasters!

I have several sets, some of which I'm giving away for Christmas... but these I love! LOVE LOVE!

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