Monday, October 13, 2014

Momma Bears Cutique

Up next on my campaign to "BUY HOMEMADE / HANDCRAFTED" is one of my favorite ladies (and shops) Momma Bears Cutique!

You can find a lot of Christina's awesome stuff on Instagram under the hashtag #bowcute , and it truly is BOW CUTE! You can Also find her here - on Etsy.

She started Momma Bear's Cutique in the Summer of 2011 on her living room couch in the middle of the toys from her (then) 2 year old cutie Jonas. Christina (a Bow enthusiast) loved wearing bows but with a Stay-at-home-Mom salary, it was hard to afford the habit. Her (now) fiance suggested that she started making her own, so she set up a glue gun and a TV Tray and went to work! 

Christina was blown away by the response that people had when she started posting her creations online, everyone wanted to get in line to buy her adorable bows! As a second generation crafter, she was inspired by her mother to venture into jewelry, adding to her bows and flowers and then was introduced to the world of KAWAII. Japanese fashion motivated her to grow into those dreams she once had as a child, a freedom to express what she likes and how she likes it without fear of judgement. 

Jonas will tell you "My Mom can Craft anything" and if you've ever seen her amazing lunches she packs for him every day - that is true - right down to the homemade lunch containers! Her response to him is "You don't know what you can do until you try".  Expanding from flowers and bows you can now buy a variety of spooky (and KAWAII inspired) items in her Etsy Store also, on her Instagram. Her pricing is very fair and every dollar goes to help her blooming family.

Christina enjoys making everything, and discovering new skills and talents she didn't know she had. But if she had to pick her Ultimate favorite it would be playing with Resin - She loves making beautiful Sparkly things (like all of MY iPhone cases!!!).

Did I also mention she is busy planning a wedding while running this business? 

Her favorite Halloween Movie is Hocus Pocus and Halloween town and she can eat Pumpkin Rolls all day long. 

Momma Bear (Christina) is one of my favorite IG friends... she is honest, and hopeful, and positive, and always making me smile. I hope that you will visit her shop and show her some Spooky-Scary Love! If you order now you can still get your awesome stuff by Halloween!

Thanks Christina, for your friendship - and for your beauty you share with the world!
Spooky Coaster Set.
Boba Fett Coffin

Bibs and Burp cloths

Her "Spooky" Business Cards.
My Most Recent order from Momma Bears (See that Phone Case!!!)

I die... and I own BOTH Bride of Frankensteins - You know, because you can never have enough BOF.

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