Thursday, March 28, 2013

Halloween Goodies | Steam Crow

 By the time I ran into the Steam Crow booth on Saturday at the Comicon I had run out of all of my "Fun Money" so none of these prints or cards made it home with me - If I could kick myself harder, I would. 

Steam Crow is a grass roots production by a husband and wife duo and they have some pretty Spooktacular (don't groan it's the first time I've used that word this year) stuff.
 I really admire what they did - saw something they liked, and made it happen!

I really would like to have each one of these prints hanging in my house, but between my Halloween stuff and my Relay Gear, I think my Husband would divorce me if I bought anymore prints.
 But, you can bet that there will be a mad desktop background made out of these bad boys soon!
Here's the link to their store if you find one you love 
Of course, I just linked to their Halloween selection, they make some pretty awesome stuff that isn't Halloween related too. I just have a one track mind.

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