Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Original "Spooky" Art by Katie Cook

 I am taking a quick break from book reviews for some original art - Katie Cook is quickly becoming my other "Must go visit" at Comicon. She is totally talented! Again, with the con art I was very focused on getting Halloween themed art. When I went to Katie's booth she had a line of 5-7 people deep and every time I walked by she had at least 5 waiting for her. I only got a few drawings done because I didn't want to monopolize her time, but I wish I would have hung in there for a Mummy. But that's okay, maybe next year!  Katie drew our pets last year which is one of the things she'll do for $5. You can see them on this post. So this year, I had her go Universal Monsters for me!
 Wolfie with a plaid shirt - because that's how my husband and I picture him.
 This one is my favorite because Frank is trying to impress his bride with some fancy dance moves!
 Here's Drac!
 And a few that she just had laying out for purchase... which I fell in love with. Kitty + Pumpkin and Spooky Ghost!
Thanks for the wonderful art Katie! I hope to pick up more in the years to come - now I just need to get around to framing it... geesh!

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