Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rosita Y Conchita

 While at the booth picking up the "ABC's of Halloween" I mentioned that I had a Halloween Blog and that I was excited to to post about the ABC's, Eric Haeger (the co-creator of Rosita Y Conchita) said, "I guess I'm just a few days late then, my book is about the Day of the Dead on November 2nd". I smiled, and asked him to tell me about his book, he told me it was about two little girls, and since I love the look of sugar skulls, and the book was only $15, I decided to take this one home with me too, and I have to say I'm blown away.
 Eric didn't hard sell his book to me - the art sold his book to me, but the story has dug itself into a special place in my heart, and it will stay there forever. 

The book isn't simply about two little girls. The book is about twin sisters Rosita and Conchita. It is set on November 2nd, the Day of the Dead. In Spanish tradition the Day of the Dead is when the deceased loved ones come visit again. Rosita is dead and is living in the spirit world, meanwhile her sister Conchita is busy building her an alter of her favorite things so Rosita can find her way home.
 Each time Rosita started to find her way, something would distract her, and she'd lose her way. 
At the end of the book, the girls share a hug through a doll that Conchita had made to hug when she missed her sister. Nearly  moved me to tears!
 What a beautifully written book - Did I mention that it's also beautifully rhymed in BOTH English and Spanish? The book deals with death in a very delicate way. I think this would be a wonderful book to help young children deal with death, or help understand how the dead are in a world far away from ours, but we still feel their love and they feel ours.

Having lost my Mom to cancer just two years ago it made me smile. I like to believe that she is just a hug away, and I love the idea of the Day of the Dead.

Eric, it was so nice to meet you - thank you for signing my book, but do me a favor and sell your book harder  to everyone! Everyone should hear this story! Please head over to Amazon and pick yourself up a copy!

*Disclaimer - I am not paid to review or "Push" these books, I truly do love them and believe in them.

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