Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Owly | As a Mummy!

Andy Runton is my favorite artist. His creation Owly makes my heart sing! He's such a happy little Owl. A couple years ago at Comicon I met Andy and he drew me an adorable little drawing of Owly, Wormy and Snaily having a sleep over. His schtick for sketches at a con is "Owly As", basically it's $40 for Owly as whatever you'd want him to be - check out his impressive Gallery on his website! This year I had my eye on the prize as soon as I saw he was announced to be at ECCC. I knew I wanted Owly as "Something Halloween", but I didn't really have a vision for it. I finally settled on "Owly as a Trick -or- Treater." Andy's first question was "What do you want him dressed up as" and my gut reaction was to say "Frankenstein", but I decided to leave the ultimate decision up to Andy - I just said to him "Whatever you think is best, Think Universal Monsters, Dracula, Mummy, Wolfman, Frankenstein... Bride - you know the Classics". He took my order on Friday, and still wasn't done with it when I stopped by on Saturday afternoon. I was a little bummed I didn't have instant gratification with it, because I could barley stand the anticipation. My Husband picked up the drawing from him on Sunday and when I saw it, I squealed with Joy, I couldn't be more proud and more pleased with what Andy created! I LOVE my Halloween Owly!!
The photo above isn't super high quality, but Enjoy! It's adorable!
If you're looking for a sweet book about an Owl and his forest friends, consider checking out Owly. He's got a cult following, and I love his adventures often illustrated with feelings and emotions, and no words.
Andy sells his entire collection on his website if you're looking for a place to get your hands on him.
 This isn't really "Halloween" related, but it's Andy & Owly's newest book which is about being out in the dark and trying to see the stars. While they're out on their adventure - they meet some new friends which are rather nocturnal. The Bats are super cute, and I guess "Spooky?".
 Andy & Owly are good to their fans - Each book I have is signed by Andy, and they all have their own little picture of Owly along with whatever friends Owly meets in the book that Andy's signing!

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