Tuesday, August 6, 2013

True Blood Tuesday | Jason Stackhouse

For today's installment of True Blood Tuesday, let's welcome my favorite dummy of Bon Temps... Jason Stackhouse.

Jason is long on charm and short on brains, but man is he a cutie, and a total comic relief in this town.

Jason is Sookie's brother, and the two of them are the only family they have left in this world, they band together, and often rescue each other even though they couldn't be more different from one another.

He's been with us from the beginning, and we almost always find him in a very comprimising position either with women, werepanthers, or vampires.

He tried to do the right thing by "ridding the world of vampires" and joining the Fellowship of the Sun church. He was more or less brain washed by the now Vampire Reverend Newlin. But that all ended when Jason followed his other brain, and slept with Reverend Newlin's wife. In the chapel no less.

His newest love interest - and one of the longest lasting is his ebb and flow relationship with Jessica Hamby who once dated Jason's best friend Hoyt. Jessica and Jason are perfect for each other (in my humble opinion). Hotness belongs with Hotness.

Tune in next week for True Blood Tuesday - Jessica Hamby!

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